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New Variant-Omicron: Swiftly marching your way! Be WARNED!

It is not fun, I bet. I hear you! loud and clear. Did you just curse the virus? If you did not, please do it with all the mantras you can apply. After that traumatizing loss of dear one's lives, losing jobs, compromising lifestyles, we finally had chance to breathe without a mask. Wasn't that awesome? However, it is disheartening that there's delta and then there's omicron and so and so.

Biden administration promised for a half a billion covid tests which are more accurate with 1 in 1000 false positive. It is very comforting to know that. However, it is equally sad that they won't be available before the holidays. It is important that we plan our holiday parties and gatherings following the national and FDA protocol. Let us stay healthy and keep our beloved healthy.

I have attached the visual representation of the swift growth of the virus and its impact on our health and healthcare Organization. Please soak yourself with information and stay dry from virus. Please also click the attached link below for the detail news. Take care of you and your family. Happy Holiday!


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