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House Fire- 5 dead, 4 severely injured-Whole Community Mourning- Including Nepal-US Embassy

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

A terrible housefire occurred in Akron based resettled Bhutanese family on 9/13/2021 around 1 AM. Whole BCAA and larger Bhutanese and Nepali community is saddened, and heart broken by this devastating house fire that took the lives of 5 family members that included 2 adults and 3 children. 4 others were badly injured and recovering in the local hospital according to Akron 19 news.

The Subba family is former Bhutanese refugee from Beldangi-Refugee Camp in Nepal. This incident has not just shaken the hearts of the community leaders and members but also has been terrifying and unbelievable to witness. According to president BCAA- Manorath Khanal, at this difficult time, the whole community has come together to support the victims in any way possible, including financial support by raising funds and channelizing community leaders, entrepreneurs, fire department, the government, faith-based leaders etc.

BCAA president and the team strongly urges the community to come together with concerned individuals and communities like fire departments, legal investigation team to discover the reason behind the horrifying incident that took the lives of the family, and requests the community to stay calm as possible while praying to heal the souls of the victims and wish fast recovery to the injured victims. He emphasizes that this nature of irreparable loss is a shock and threaten to the Subba family, whole Bhutanese community and the greater community.

Per BCAA president, as much as the whole community is heartbroken at this moment, it is also coming together in support of the victim's family in their capacity. Yubaraj khatiwada- Ambassador of Nepal to the United States reached Mr. Manorath Khanal on the day of the incident with greater concern and offered how he could be of help. Likewise, Dr. Damodar Powdel- NRN Ohio chairperson, Reynoldsburg City Council Bhuwan Pyakural, former BCAA president Dhan Man Subba, Dr. Naresh Subba, Damber Subba- Police officer and many other faith-based leaders and community leaders and entrepreneurs along with BCAA president Manorath Khanal gathered for a meeting at Dhan Man Subba's residence. The BCAA president expresses condolences on behalf of the BCAA Community and offers any kind of support as teamed with above individuals to support deceased family and relatives to heal and recover.

BCAA is committed to bring awareness and educational training programs to the community to prevent such future losses from their capacity to obtain precaution for future safety, in collaboration with community intellectuals and concerned Government officials.

According to 19 news, the Akron fire department and state are investigating to determine the cause of the fire. Firefighters did free fire inspection and smoke detector testing in the neighborhood, the same afternoon. It is not yet confirmed that there was a working fire detector at the home of the victims.

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